Half of Saudi Arabia’s population will be diabetic by 2030

Dr. Kamel Salama, secretary general of the Diabetes and Endocrine Glands Association in the Eastern Region and former director of surgery and diagnosis at Dhahran Health Center at Saudi Aramco, said the Kingdom occupies first place in the prevalence of diabetes in the MENA region with nearly 24 percent of the population having been diagnosed with the disease.

Globally, the Kingdom comes seventh in the prevalence of diabetes, according to official statistics. Thirty-one out of every 100 children in the Kingdom aged between 10 and 14 are diagnosed with type I diabetes.

Statistics from the International Diabetes Federation reveal the Kingdom ranks fifth globally and third among Gulf countries in obesity.

Thirty-six percent of the population is obese, 44 percent of whom are women and 26 percent men. Eighteen percent, or nearly 3 million children in the Kingdom are obese, 50 percent of whom are diabetic. The population survey in 2012 revealed 7.5 million Saudis are obese due to lack of physical activity, as nearly 33 percent of men and 50 percent of women do not exercise…

h/t pislamonausea Central