Canadians Want Senate Reform

A new poll from Angus Reid suggests an overwhelming number of Canadians want the Senate to change.

According the the poll, conducted between March 11 and 12, 45 per cent of respondents said the Senate should be reformed and 41 per cent said the Upper Chamber should be outright abolished. Only 14 per cent said the Senate should stay as it is.

Respondents also don’t trust any of the political parties in the House of Commons to fix the Senate.

Only 17 per cent said they trusted Prime Minister Stephen Harper to effectively deal with Senate issues, 16 per cent said the same for NDP leader Tom Mulcair and 15 per cent responded this way for Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

More than one third, or 34 per cent of respondents, said they trust “none of the above” to effectively deal with the Upper Chamber. Another 17 per cent weren’t sure.