Boko Haram attack: Nigerian Christians sang hymns before being slaughtered by Muslims

Christian congregations in northern Nigeria had taunted Boko Haram insurgents with defiant hymns about religious war before their churches were overrun and burnt and their people slaughtered.

In one of the songs obtained by The Times the catchy beats belied an ominous message. “Muslims don’t want peace … they are destroying people’s lives,” the singer claims. “We Nigeria, we Christian Nigeria, we have come together now, we understand this is a religious war.”

In a series of musical call-and- replies, a male singer lists states and cities that have been attacked by the insurgents while a female chorus responds: “They burnt our churches!”

“You Muslims you bring Sharia law just to oppress Christians,” it continues in the Hausa language, which is predominant in Nigeria’s north.

David Kwagga, an officer in the Boys’ Brigade, a Christian youth movement, had the song on his mobile phone when his home town, Michika, was overrun last year. He said members of the brigade, who provided security outside churches, had been “selling it around,” and that it was popular in services.

  • Justin

    O’ cowardly Christians! They should have been fighting back instead of singing hymns!

    • They were probably unarmed by the PC crowd. Their defiance shows their courage.

      • Una Salus

        Sounds like they didn’t want to be there.

    • Una Salus

      With their new sharia compliant president that isn’t going to happen. Things don’t look good for Nigeria.

  • “We understand this is a religious war” – even though Obama, Cameron and their ilk deny it hotly.

    “You Muslims you bring Sharia law just to oppress Christians” – the Christians well understand that their oppressors are Muslims as such and not “Islamists” as the PC crowd pretend.

  • UCSPanther

    The blood of martyrs (The real ones who suffered persecution even unto death, not ones who blew themselves up in the name of Allah) is what fueled the early Christian churches.

    These Boko Haram vermin would do well to remember that, especially once the tables are turned and their Christian victims go Crusader on them…

  • Jade

    I am sure they did not have weapons to confront the Muslims and the Muslims knew it.

  • Una Salus

    The religion of peace does it again.