Athens demands £200 BILLION from Germany in reparation for Nazi atrocities committed during World War Two… days before Greece is due to pay back £450m of debt

A pedestrian carries his shopping past a graffiti sign reading “Cut The Debt, IMF Go Home” on corrugated metal fencing outside the University of Athens, Greece Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg

Greece has demanded more than £200 billion in compensation from Germany for Nazi atrocities during the Second World War.

The government yesterday unveiled its final calculation for the war reparations stemming from occupation by the Third Reich.

The radical left Syriza party says Germany owes Greece nearly 279 billion euros, or £204 billion to compensate it for looting and war crimes.

The German government says the issue was resolved legally years ago.

The demand comes just days before Greece is obliged to pay 450million euros of its debt to the International Monetary Fund…