America’s Catholic bishops attack ‘prejudice-laden’ Wolf Hall

A Washington Post reviewer warned the distortion of historical facts in Wolf Hall pointed to ‘ideological bias’

Catholic bishops in America have denounced Wolf Hall as a ‘prejudice-laden presentation of the past’ as the acclaimed BBC drama was broadcast in the U.S. for the first time.

The review attacked the six-part series as ‘a work of fiction that adopts a narrow, revisionist and anti-Catholic point of view toward the religious turmoil of the Tudor period in which it’s set’.

The latest remarks echo criticisms voiced by clergy in the UK, who tore into the series for its ‘perverse’ depictions of the historical characters when it first aired.

Probably right. I have not read the book. It was written Hilary Mantel, of “The Assassination of Mrs Thatcher” fame. It is not she is extremist Protestant: she likely dislikes all religious types on principle.