African lives matter. No, really, they do

What happened in Kenya last week should outrage freedom-loving people the world over. But does it? Does the wholesale slaughter of young students register with the world when those students are African?

Why did the murders of 12 staffers at Charlie Hebdo – a French magazine that has gleefully provoked those it considers other – receive so much more sympathy and attention than the murder of 147 students who had done nothing but try to acquire an education for themselves?

  • Xavier

    Because the media can sell Crocodiles in France.

  • Frau Katze

    People are responding more to something that happens in their own country. Period. No mystery to it.

    Europe was responding as a group, since they may feel more like a group as opposed to their delightful new citizens.

    The Kenyans can hold their own marches. But, like the Middle East, they never do. Perhaps it is just one episode in what must be a centuries-old conflict over Islam in that part of the world.

    The idiot European pols who showed up for the march in Paris have no one to blame but their own stupid selves. Their obnoxious citizens were INVITED in, they did not fire a single shot. Maybe some of them now privately have buyers’s remorse. Who knows? It’s far too late for that now.

    • Xavier

      Cultural proximity.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Rev. Al sees no gain in embracing the cause of African students.

  • This article is part of the problem. It starts out, “Terrorists stormed Garissa University”. The first word should have been “Muslim” or “Islamic”.

    The continual white washing of Islam and Muslim murders is clearly part of the problem.

  • Frances

    Do African lives mention? Only if they’re related to the President. And maybe not even then.

  • glutius maximus

    Apparently African lives don’t seem to matter to other Africans.
    Every time western powers are sucked into an African genocide, we get the Sh&t end of the stick. The Africans need to sort themselves out and only they can do it.
    Oh, and where was the outrage about Charlie in Africa ?