“You have been most unwise.” George Galloway still a loathsome thug in case you were wondering

This is the second time in a week that a would-be member of parliament has involved the police after someone on Twitter expressed disapproval. Surprised by this? Don’t be. Britain now has a range of unbelievably capricious “hate speech” and “public order” laws that effectively give anyone who feels offended the power to shut down his critics.

  • I just tried to have a look at Gorgeous George’s Twitter and I’m blocked, which is interesting because I’m pretty sure I’ve never tweeted him.

  • roccolore

    Galloway = Muslim terrorist

  • ed

    woogle George Galloway big brother cat , and you will see the biggest “TWAT” that ever lived [sorry but it had to be said] and yes he is a mus-tard convert ]

  • edlancey

    He’s a nasty little fascist.

  • eMan14

    He is a petty thug.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Harry’s Place and Israellycool both run scared from Galloway and ban anyone who criticizes him not because they endorse him but because they claim they’re worried about his threats to sue them. So who cares when no one’s willing to stand up to murderous psychotic Jew hating bullies.