What Was Europe Like Under Moorish Rule?

There was a period in Moorish Spain where Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived in relative harmony and cooperation. Christians and Jews were considered dhimmis and were second-class citizens who had to pay a tax and had some restrictions on worship, trade, and interaction. But these were often loosely applied or unenforced, and there certainly was a period under the Caliphate of Córdoba where there was general interfaith tolerance and saw a flourishing of learning and culture in Al-Andalus.

This has given rise to something of modern myth that Muslim Spain was some kind of paradise of interfaith cooperation, where wise and tolerant Muslim leaders presided over a wonderland of art and learning until the primitive Christians reconquered Spain, oppressed Jews and Muslims, forced their conversion, and ushered in the horrors of the Inquisition. This is a pretty story, but it is far from accurate.

  • I’ve read many detailed histories. This article is brief and correct in its assessment.

    • That will not stop Islam and its useful idiots from lying about it.

      • That’s for sure. Myths, spin, that’s what most our academics, journalists and politicians reserve for us common folk.

  • 2maxpower

    you are correct it is so far from accurate that I would call it fiction. There was no tolerance of other faiths. They destroyed history not preserved it. The only ones who claim that they did were muslims and they did it without proof (mainly because there is no proof).

  • I’ve bookmarked this.