Useful Idiot “Anti-Racism” Thugs Burn Australian Flag At Anti-Islam Protests

Crowd numbers continued to grow throughout the afternoon, and some protesters had to be treated by paramedics after the ugly clashes.

But it was the burning of the national flag by anti-racism protesters in Melbourne that enraged the RSL.

‘To burn anyone’s flag in anyone’s country is disgusting. It’s just not on. I’m sure it’s just not RSLs either, but any business or company would be angered by this sort of behaviour,’ a spokesman for the RSL in Sydney told Daily Mail Australia.

  • pop

    It wasn’t the reclaim Australia people ..

    These were leftoids fascists

    • Yes that’s why I stated Useful Idiot Anti-Racism thugs in my headline, the Daily Mail headline is misleading however.

      • Bill #2

        Most journalists have been trained in tertiary education to be Advocacy Journalists, by their leftist lecturers. They have been taught that ‘they can make a difference’ by their reporting, instead of just reporting the facts. They have been taught how to support ‘social justice’ by their slanting of their reports and refrain from reporting events that don’t support their leftist ideas.

        Hence the journalists write headlines that imply that the defenders of Australian culture are to blame for the flag burning, even if they didn’t burn the flag themselves, since they must have driven the ‘anti-racist’ people to do that. Whenever a leftist does something bad, they look for causes (‘triggers’) from the conservatives, as if the leftists have no free will and are driven to do bad things by the ‘bad’ conservatives.

  • And again for thousandth time, “what race is Islam?”

    What utter fools.

    • Liars, I prefer Liars.

      • BG

        I think that’s more accurate. But theyr’e also fools for defending such an idealogy.

  • John

    Civilizational pathologies, Cancer cells in Australia’s body politic.

  • BG

    Someone should have burnt a Koran in retaliation.