Turkish university students demand Jedi, Buddhist temples amid mosque frenzy

In their petitions, the students of Dokuz Eylül University in western Turkey used this image from ‘Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones,’ in which Master Yoda is seen giving his younglings Jedi training.

Thousands of Turkish students have raised their voices in online campaigns to build Jedi and Buddhist temples at their universities, after a series of mosques were constructed on their campuses by rectors who stressed “huge demand.”

The debate started last month when Mehmet Karaca, rector of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ), announced that “a landmark mosque” would be built on the campus.

While stressing “huge demand,” the rector referred to a petition on change.org that more than 185,000 people signed to demand the construction of İTÜ’s first mosque…

…In one of the counter-campaigns on change.org, more than 25,000 people demanded a Buddhist temple at İTÜ.

“I can’t fulfill my religious needs because the closest Buddhist temple is 2,000 kilometers away, and I can’t go there during lunch break,” a petitioner named Utku Gürçağ Borataç said on the website…

…[Zeynep] Özkatip, a third-year student in İTÜ’s Civil Engineering Department, also complained that she received “threats” due to the petition.

“We ironically see that those who keep talking about Islamophobia have no tolerance for other religions,” she said…

It’s good to see that the entire population is not made up of Erdoğan clones. There is still much secular sentiment in the country.  The request for Jedi temples is quite amusing.