There is islamophobia in the most unlikely places: Hong Kong

Muslim protesters chant slogans during a demonstration against a US-made anti-Islam film which insults the ‘Prophet’ Mohammad  in Hong Kong on September 23, 2012

CAIRO – Facing a sharp rise in Islamophobia, leaders of the Muslim community in Hong Kong have issued an open “letter of peace”, listing true teachings of Islam and dispelling misconceptions and myths surrounding it.

“The Muslims in Hong Kong have lived side by side with their fellow non-Muslims for the best part of the last 175 years, and we certainly desire nothing else but to continue this peaceful coexistence,” the letter, which was backed by more than 21 Muslim groups and released in English and Chinese, was quoted by South China Morning Post.

“We request everyone not to judge the religion by the actions of a few, rather judge it by its original scriptures and sources. There are bad apples in every basket.”

The letter was issued after recent reports that the so-called Islamic State (ISIL) was extending its branches to recruit Indonesian migrant workers.

These reports have led to increase in anti-Muslim hate attacks, after Muslim women reported several cases in which they were targeted with comments about links to terrorism…

…”Discrimination is in every society, and we can’t say Hong Kong is absent from that,” Adeel Malik, an English teacher and one of the directors of educational group Discover Islam Hong Kong, said…