The West’s Romance with Iran and Islamists

In the eyes of most Islamists — whether or Sunni or Shia — nothing is cheaper or more worthless than human life. It can be seen in the accelerating rate of executions in Iran since the “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani arrived on the scene, and in the ghoulish slaughters committed by ISIS.

As terrorists throughout the Muslim world lay down their own lives to bring death, the U.S. and Europe silently watch Islamic terrorism in Sudan, in Pakistan, in Iraq and Syria by ISIS, in Nigeria by Boko Haram and especially in Iran by the Mullahs’ regime, which the P5+1 (the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) deludedly still seem to think will turn nuclear warheads into plowshares.

  • David Murrell

    A good post, but the writer unfortunately seems surprised at the collaboration, by the West, with militant Islam. I watch CBC News shows — and unfortunately I have my stock-watch lists with the Globe and Mail — and have to subscribe to that dreadful newspaper. The core of the problem is this: the well-organized left in the West no longer support human- and democratic-rights, and are more comfortable with dictatorial, human-rights-abusing regimes.

    This is the crux of the matter: the reason why British police support radical Islamist groups there is because, in fact, such groups support criminally-oriented, human-rights-abusing activities. The British police go after the CRITICS of radical Islam, because the critics oppose criminal, human-rights-abusing activity (FGM, child marriage, child abuse, etc.).

    The anti-human-rights left is having its trouble selling its God-awful moral view to the public. Take the example of the Boko Haram execution of 148 Christian students in Kenya, during the Easter season. The Obama administration remained silent, of course (President Obama supports the genocide of Christians); the establishment media tried to downplay the story (given they take orders from Obama), yet the story is compelling. The corrupt Globe and Mail kept the story off of its main web page, and then fabricated the pure, trumped-up lie that the mass murder war crime had nothing to do with religion. The dreadful, corrupt newspaper then put this fabricated story on its main web page, for the past three days now. But no one in their right mind will believe this sort of nonsense.

    The problem is, for the establishment left, that with each Islamic-driven war crime, with each Islamic war, fewer and fewer people, East and West, will believe the leftist lie that Islam is a religion of peace. It is all a lie, and lies cannot exist in a free marketplace of ideas.

    • The left will continue to peddle that lie, it’s all they have.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Established interests always look for the easy way out instead of making difficult choices.

  • There is an Islamic bigger picture that is overlooked.

    Starting in one city 1,400 years ago Islam has spread to engulf 20% of humanity.

    Within that 20%, Islam has created a cesspool society full of hate, violence, poverty, ignorance, and misogyny. The people stuck inside that 20% are brainwashed into a world view that includes an absolute ban on critical thinking.

    To make matters worse, Islam harnesses man’s belief in “God” to incite countless followers to commit violence to continue the spread of Islam.

    And the slow (gorilla war like) spread of Islam continues.

    If the non-Muslims world does not unite against this Islamic intellectual plague, Islam will continue its slow expansion and engulf the world.

    This is not a USA, China, Russia, Western European, South American, African or Japanese problem. It is a problem to all of them.