‘Skeptical’ Canada Won’t Lift its Iran Sanctions

The Canadian government has not shared US President Barack Obama’s enthusiasm over the deal reached with Iran over its nuclear program last Thursday, by which the Islamic regime continues enriching uranium at reduced levels in exchange for the removal of sanctions.

Canadian Foreign Minister Rob Nicholson responded to the deal, warning that the Islamic regime may still be able to obtain a nuclear weapon even with the agreement.

“We have to make every possible diplomatic effort to ensure that Iran will never be able to achieve the ability to develop a nuclear weapon,” said Nicholson, noting such a development could spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

The foreign minister added that “Iran’s track record is not one that encourages trust.”

h/t Marvin

  • cmh

    we need to get the hell out of the middle east….this sanction crap does not buy back my support for the conservatives and it does nothing to hurt iran

  • Tanya

    ‘Skeptical Canada’ The whole world Should be skeptical! anybody who actually believes that Iran can be trusted and will abide by any powderpuff deal that the west has done are on some serious drugs.

    • Observer

      If we were skeptical enough we would not give a dime to the United Nations.

  • Barbara

    Good for Rob Nicholson, actions not words. He is right.
    Eisenhower’s ‘atoms for peace’ idea included giving Iran and Pakistan Nuclear technology. Couldn’t have picked two better bed fellows.