Paris subway firm under fire over `Christian` ad censorship

Paris: The firm operating the Paris subway has come under fire for apparently pushing France`s beloved secularity too far with its refusal to display an ad with the mention “Christians of the East.”

French music group “The Priests” had planned to advertise their upcoming June concert in Paris with a poster sporting a banner that said proceeds would go towards the cause of Christians persecuted in places such as Iraq and Syria.

But the state-owned RATP firm that operates the subway and its advertising agency Metrobus ordered the group`s producers to take off the banner, pointing in a statement issued last week to the public service`s requirement for neutrality “in the context of an armed conflict abroad.”

  • Minicapt

    All praise to “Les Philosophes”.


  • SMC_BC

    I have a wonderful Christmas CD by ‘The Priests’. They are three Roman Catholic priests (wearing their collars) all from Northern Ireland. Is it really a surprise they’d send concert proceeds to persecuted Christians?

    I wonder if the priests are even allowed to wear their collar?