Malaysian op-ed: Halal is going too far

An “interest-free” halal housing project aimed at Muslims near Sydney, Australia has been unveiled by Qartaba Homes. Source.

Sadly halal has become more of a business prospect than a religious requirement no thanks to Muslims who are too easily brainwashed with anything marked halal.

The other day, I went to a store to get a packet of toilet paper and was shocked to read “Halal, recognised by Jakim Malaysia” on its packaging.

Wow, even toilet paper is certified halal nowadays!

What’s next? Halal tampons and condoms?

As a Muslim myself, I understand the sensitivity of Muslims regarding halal products. Yes, we want to ensure foods and products we consume are prepared and cooked in accordance to Islamic rules and regulations…

…At times I feel we are taking this halal thingy a little bit too far.

I remember going to a Halal Expo a couple of years ago. I was pretty interested in one of the booths at the expo, promoting real estate.

“Halal Homes.”

I was amused and had to ask the consultant at the booth what it meant to have a halal home.

“A housing area which is built on halal land, using quality products and situated in a good location, far from haram activities such as factories producing haram goods and pig farms” – that’s more or less how he described it to me.

According to him, a halal certificate will be issued to the house buyers to certify the home is halal.

“My parents live in a Chinese village in Penang, our house is neighbouring a Chinese graveyard, a huge Chinese temple and a small morning market selling pork. But my parents are very pious people – they pray more than five times a day and the sound of “azan” and Quran recitals are always heard in my house. But we do not have a halal certificate for our house, does that make it haram?” I asked.

He smiled and whispered, “It’s just a marketing tactic”…