ISIS militants reportedly being attacked by serious skin disease

An ISIS terrorist believed to be Hayat Boumeddiene, who is wanted by French authorities‏. (photo credit:ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA)

Islamic State fighters are being attacked by a debilitating skin disease called leishmaniasis.

The disease, which is spread by sandflies, is quickly spreading thanks to pollution and poor hygiene conditions and there have been more than 100,000 cases reported, British media outlets reported earlier this week.

The jihadi fighters are refusing medical treatment which has led to more outbreaks, according to the reports.

Medical centers have closed since medical staff have fled the violence making the spread of the disease more acute, according to the reports.

Dubbed “Rose of Jericho,” the disease is caused by protozoan parasites that belong to the genus Leishmania and is transmitted by the bite of female sand fly that bite infected rodents called rock hyraxes…

They DO want to return to the 7th century so this may not be bad news.