Australia’s Pauline Hanson: Halal Meat Is A ‘Money-Making Racket Which Funds Terrorism’

“We don’t like Islam and we’re in fear about what Islam can do to our country, our culture and our way of life. Australians have a right to say this is not going to work. We want a peaceful cohesive society.”

  • pop

    As she said..
    To criticize Islam is not racism.

  • She’s not the most eloquent, but she get’s a lot of publicity.

  • Brett_McS

    She’s a true conservative who bypasses the media; they hate her for that.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    More uncommonly common sense from the Land Down Under.

  • John

    Just a note on the anti-racist counter protest. There was a Pegida demo in Montréal last week, and it was opposed by members of the Marxist-Lenninist Party of Canada.

    The pegida demo had some ex-Muslims in it one of whom quoted ( surprisingly!) by CTV.

    ( paraphrasing) He said he’d left his Muslim homeland in order to escape Islam, and so he doesn’t want to see the same violent bullshit take root here.