Andrew Bolt on Anti-Islam rallies, Reclaim Australia protesters, socialist protesters

Protesters clash with Reclaim Australia protesters at Federation Square under a huge police presence. Photo: Chris Hopkins

Yes, laugh at these Reclaim Australia protesters waving their hokey Australian flags and homemade signs; snigger at their exaggerated fears of sharia law.

Blame them for having thousands of socialist protesters push and punch them, spit on them and abuse them as “racists” and “c—s”.

It’s much easier for the smugly sanctimonious to ridicule the worried than admit there’s something serious to worry about. But, a warning: If interpretations of Islam are not reformed, we can expect two things: more terrorism, and angrier reactions from Australians feeling threatened and pushed too far.

Yet with the stakes so high, we also saw on Saturday more evasions — complaints from three Muslim “leaders” that the big problem was the Abbott Government.

As The Australian reported: “Federal Government efforts to combat Islamic State-inspired radicalisation have come under heavy criticism.”

Not enough money had yet been spent, especially on clerics and “community groups”…