Why Are These Christians Dying?

What would the U.S. President say if the blacks lynched in America’s old South were referred to as “random folks” or “Americans”?

Al Shabaab of course has no problem emphasizing the fact that Christians were being killed because they were Christians: “There are many dead bodies of Christians inside the building,” its spokesman said.

Can anyone explain why the West gives fanciful excuses for what these killers are doing, despite their perfectly clear explanations for what they are doing?

Muslims targeting Christians or Jews means, “don’t focus on the motivations of the Muslims.” Muslims defending Christians or Jews means “desperately focus on the motivations of the Muslims.”

People could at least spare some time this Easter to think about — and do anything they can to help — the beleaguered Christian communities worldwide…

The left sees Muslims as victims and sees Christians as powerful. That explains the reaction in the Western world.