Quebec Father, furious his son is taught Islam at school is threatened by School Board for hate speech

NB – Google Translate: A family man who believes his 8 year old son should not be taught the basic concepts of Islam at school decided to virulently denounce the situation on Facebook, the Lanaudière school board responded by sending a notice that he had committed an act of “hate speech” .

It all started when the son of Jacques Maurice came home from school with, as usual, homework. But that night, he had to complete an exercise on the basic principles of Islam by answering questions like: “Who is the prophet Muhammad?”.

Furious to see that the school was teaching his son the outline of Islam, Maurice let off steam on Facebook, with a statement, among others, that “Islam is a religion of m **** ( sic). (Ed. Islam is a religion of Merde? – sounds right.)

This is what shocked the School Board that they sent the father a notice to withdraw the “hate speech” in his Facebook account, otherwise it threatened to prosecute him.

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I say Good for Dad.