Justin Trudeau’s new “middle class” ad ignores demographic trends, economic reality

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party released in a new ad earlier this week called “A better plan for Canada’s middle class.”

In this commercial, he paints a picture of a bleak future for middle class Canadians under Stephen Harper.

But to make this specious argument, he leaves out some fundamental facts.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Not quite ready for prime time.

  • Brett_McS

    Canadians just need to look across the border to see what “helping the middle class” means in leftist speak.

  • winniec

    Vote for Justin and he won’t raise your taxes…not much.

    “A better plan for Canada’s middle class.” = higher taxes

  • Gary

    His ad was hollow of details while he only stated what he wouldn’t do .

  • Frances

    And originally the age of eligibility was set at 70 anyway. Currently, qualifying seniors over 65 receive $563.74 per month OAS (plus Guaranteed Income Supplement for very low income seniors). This begins to be clawed back at net income of $72,809 ($71,592 in 2014), and is totally clawed back at $114,815 (think 2015).

    Of much more concern is that Canadian residents who were brought to Canada as children have been deemed ineligible to receive OAS because they cannot prove exactly when they arrived in Canada. Forget that they have lived and worked here many years; if they don’t have the original landing documents (or a notarized copy of same), they’re denied. Paying into CPP for many years, or marrying in Canada and giving birth here – not good enough.