Junior Jihadis Just Like Justin Bieber Fans Says Muslim Who Never Once Mentions Islam’s Role In “Jihadimania”

Hundreds of British teenagers are in danger of being radicalised by Islamic State (Isis) because they see the terrorists as “pop idols”, the country’s leading Muslim prosecutor has said.

Nazir Afzal believes that recent departures to Syria show that “many more children” are at risk of what he terms “jihadimania” than was previously thought.

“The boys want to be like them and the girls want to be with them,” he said. “That’s what they used to say about the Beatles and more recently One Direction and Justin Bieber. The propaganda the terrorists put out is akin to marketing, and too many of our teenagers are falling for the image.

“They see their own lives as poor by comparison, and don’t realise they are being used. The extremists treat them in a similar way to sexual groomers – they manipulate them, distance them from their friends and families, and then take them.”

In typical apologist fashion not once is Islam mentioned as a possible cause of radicalization, ISIS is of course dismissed as “Not Islamic” and of course the children lived in a vacuum before suddenly becoming Islamized on the internet.

I don’t disagree with the Pop Idol premise, I am appalled that he implies Islam appears to have little to do with becoming a devout Muslim.

To think that he was head of the Crown’s prosecution service in North West England…


  • ProgNorth

    Since 9/11 the apologists for Islam abound. Western liberals are especially adept, at whistling past the graveyard on this topic.
    Of course the uninformed eat it up, to the point of Muslims becoming the championed underclass for leftists.
    Reality is hard for those who reside in the land of Unicornopia, but until we can face up to and talk about the truth, that ‘Islam is Islam’, we will continue to lose our young, to this disease. For liberalism in the 21st century, has mocked, belittled, disparaged and destroyed, the greatness of western civilization and its values and traditions in their eyes, and offers them nothing in return, but the despair of existence.
    We reap what we sow.

  • cmh

    Children who are alienated within their own family units find companionship, camaraderie, and understanding in groups (gangs).

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’ll be a little more gentle on Mr. Afzal. It should be easily evident that the issue of Islam hits very close to home with him. He feels that if he can be both a civilized man and a faithful Muslim as well, then something else must be triggering the pathologies he addresses. Hence, his analysis that elides Islam. We of course tend to disagree and maintain that the religion itself has built in pathologies and that the umma desperately needs a major attitude adjustment, but at least I recognize that underneath he has some trouble with his conscience that he is suppressing from himself and the outside world.

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