Hundreds of Palestinians flee Syrian refugee camp after ISIS takeover

Shelling from inside of Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, April 2015. (Photo: Jafra Foundation for Youth Development and Relief)

Hundreds of Palestinians fled their homes in the past 24 hours as the Islamic State terror group said that it was now in full control of the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus.

A Syrian human rights group said that Islamic State was now in control of 90% of the camp, where 18,000 Palestinians have been living under siege from the Syrian army over the past two years…

…The PLO and Hamas said on Sunday that they were separately seeking ways to end the bloodshed in Yarmouk, which has been targeted by Islamic State since last Wednesday.

Reports from the camp said that Islamic State terrorists have executed several Palestinians, including senior Hamas operative Sheikh Abu Salah Taha.

Islamic State posted photos on Sunday of its fighters inside the camp. It also showed a photo of 13 men kneeling and facing a wall…

There is something very different about Arab societies. The Palestinians speak the same language as the Syrians; most of them are Sunni Muslims, again very much like Syria. Yet in all these decades they have not assimilated at all.

This is inconceivable in the West. People who are descendants of Europeans in the New World are completely mixed. No one is slightest bit interested in what part of Europe someone’s ancestors came from. And increasingly, there is even intermarriage with Far East Asians and other ethnicities, and Jews are marrying non-Jews.

I can only think it is due to the tribal/clan nature of the Arab world.