Former politician who illegally joined ‘fight against ISIS militants ‘ is detained at Darwin airport as he returned to Australia

Gardiner reportedly headed to Iraq or Syria with the view of joining Kurdish militants and fighting against IS

Former Northern Territory politician Matthew Gardiner has reportedly been detained at Darwin airport as he returned from Syria, where he is believed to have been fighting the Islamic State.

In January the senior NT Labor party figure fled the country with plans to join Kurdish militants – an action which is penalised with life in prison in Australia.

He arrived at Darwin airport early on Sunday morning after flying from the Middle East via Sweden and Singapore, according to Australian Federal Police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that a man had been detained at the airport.

‘The AFP can confirm that it spoke to a Darwin man today (Sunday 5 April 2015) following his return to Australia,’ an AFP spokesperson said…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Our leaders are so morally confused that they can no longer tell the good from the bad, the evil from the righteous, nor the rational from the insane.

    • Guest

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    • David

      Moral confusion and cowardice, a bad combination.

  • Doug Kursk

    Civilized people don’t flee their own civilized country, they reluctantly leave it in order to fight the good fight their cowardly politicians won’t sanction.

    To say that his arrest shows a broken moral compass is an understatement to be certain.

  • WalterBannon

    summary execution for treason is the appropriate action