Canadian “Artist” Wants Homeless Jesus Statues in Every City in America


No word yet on the progress of homeless Mohammed


A Canadian sculptor wants to install his controversial “Homeless Jesus” statue in every city in the U.S. but is wondering if there’s a home for it in Detroit.

The life-size bronze sculpture has gotten mixed reviews in some cities where it has been installed. But artist Timothy Schmalz told the Detroit Free Press Sunday the artwork is meant to inspire people to help those most in need, especially at Easter.

“It’s putting it really within the grasp of everyone,” he told the paper. “Most representations of Jesus are unattainable. But it’s a sculpture you can merge with, something you can experience.”

Well, let’s just say there’s a difference between “itinerate” and mentally-ill with multiple substance abuse issues. Maybe his Jesus is a ‘treatment resistant’ meth addict?

Apparently this “Christian Artist” is also charging almost $35,ooo a copy for all of his homeless Jesuses. Something tells me the actual Jesus would have beaten the crap out of him with a whip.