16-year-old girl arrested in Manchester on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts

A 16-year-old girl from Manchester has been been arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism.

The teenager was detained after counter-terrorism police raided a house in the Longsight area of the city at about 8pm on Friday and has been bailed until 28 May, a spokesman for Greater Manchester police said.

  • Stronger than Dirt

    A bigger , more luxurious ( 1 million pound + ) estate and more money from taxpayers and a guaranteed job for life for her and her family should help her see things more clearly … Right leftys ?

  • ed

    longsight was an old stomping ground in my youth .now it`s just a paki muslim ,mosque infested shit hole of an area, imported from third world Islamabad ,still can`t remember voting for it ????

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