The world is changing before our very eyes

Today the familiar contours of the post-Cold War era (1991- 2015) are changing before our very eyes. A new set of rising powers (Russia, China and Iran) are challenging the post-Cold War status quo dominated by the United States and Europe.

The Russians in the past seven years in Europe and the Caucasus have seized South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Crimea and parts of Left Bank Ukraine.

The Iranians are gaining ascendancy in the Middle East in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. The Chinese are developing a $100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank with support from key European powers. They are rapidly building up their military power ($150b. annually in military spending) while moving aggressively to make “China dreaming” a reality in the South China and East China Seas.

By contrast, the status quo powers seem unwilling to defend the post- Cold War democratic capitalist order.

The lone superpower, the United States, seems (at least under President Barack Obama) to be in semi retreat and has an economy growing at under three percent a year. The European Union, with its 28 members, is in deep trouble with less than 1% GNP growth, demographic decline, serious internal conflicts and a tendency toward pacifism. There are massive problems in Eastern and Southern Europe, where Spain alone has 27% adult unemployment and 52% youth unemployment…