Syria: Al Nusrah Front leader preaches jihadist unity in Idlib

Abu Muhammad al Julani, the emir of the Al Nusrah Front, has released a 15-minute audio speech in which he discusses the fall of Idlib to jihadist forces. The speech was first translated by the SITE Intelligence Group. A screen shot of the banner advertising Julani’s talk can be seen above.

Julani preached jihadist unity in the city of Idlib, which was captured by a jihadist coalition named Jaysh al Fateh (“Army of Conquest”) late last month. Al Nusrah, an official branch of al Qaeda, and its close ally, Ahrar al Sham, play leading roles in the coalition.

Al Nusrah does not seek to unilaterally dominate Idlib, according to Julani. Instead, Al Nusrah’s jihadists “stress that we are not looking to rule the city…alone without others.” He added that “consultation is the best system of governance.”

Julani stated that he wants to make sure the city’s public services continue to operate and the people are employed, even if there are more citizens than jobs to be filled. And he called for the establishment of a common sharia court capable of arbitrating the citizens’ disputes. “All the people should refer their complaints and their grievances to it, even if ten years passed,” Julani said, according to SITE…

Note: Nusra Front is associated with al Qaeda.