‘Reclaim Australia’ protests in Melbourne and Sydney turn violent

Protests in Melbourne turned violent when anti-Islam and anti-racism groups clashed.

Police were forced separate Reclaim Australia supporters and opposing protesters by forming a wall at separate rallies. Crowd numbers continued to grow throughout the afternoon, and some protesters had to be treated by paramedics after the ugly clashes.

It comes after a Twitter account claiming to be linked with anti-Islam groups has mocked protests being held around Australia…

unnamed-5Protesters clashed heavily with police. Source: News Corp Australia

  • Good for them, rallies in 16 cities.

  • ismiselemeas

    Those quick to point out the racism link don’t seem to recall that Australia generally had no problem taking in tens of thousands of Lebanese refugees (christian), Greek Turks/Cypriots (christian), Pacific Islanders (christian), NZ Maori (christian), Jews (well…), Fijian Indians (hindu) and the list goes on. Their claims are completely baseless.

    • Alain

      This is just more newspeak with the true racists claiming to be anti-racists. It is the same with the fascists calling themselves anti-fascists. Calling one a racist is meant to put the person on the defensive and far too many fall into the trap. Better to go on the offensive and call them out for what they are: racists and bigots. Anyone insisting on identifying others solely by the colour of their skin instead of their character and behaviour fully meets the definition of a racist.

      • wallyj180

        How true.

        I worked with a black guy occasionally and we BS’ed each other often. The progressives were shocked at what I would say to him.

        What they didn’t know is that we also lived next door to each other and often covered for each other both at work and outside work.

        They judged what I would say solely on the colour of his skin, nothing else.

    • Islam does not play well with others, anywhere.

  • cmh

    they’ve got some great placards….

  • roccolore

    As usual, Muslims and liberal fascists rally for terrorists and jihadists.

  • Brett_McS

    Not in Sydney, or anywhere else were there clashes. The Victorian police stuffed up.

    In the Newcastle one I was at there was a lefty who started heckling. The police came in, took him away and had a word with him, then five minutes later he was back in the crowd, but this time silent. He was quite welcome there to listen – not that he would have learnt anything.