Professors: Acknowledging your ‘male privilege’ not good enough; fight against it

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A panel of scholars, students and community educators recently came together to discuss “how male privilege manifests itself to the detriment of others” – a conversation that aimed to illustrate “how privilege is abused” and “how privilege can be used to act justly,” organizers stated.

“For and With Others: Understanding Male Privilege and Practicing Accountable Allyship” was held Tuesday at Saint Louis University. It featured a six-person panel of professors and others who suggested everyone has some form of privilege, not just men, but that some have it better than others.

Nevertheless, the panelists added, everyone must fight against oppression, racism and sexism through a model of “accountability, advocacy and action.”

“What it means to be an ally is … you aren’t an ally of anything, of anybody, unless you participate in the disruption of the power structures that affect the other person,” said panelist Jonathan Smith, professor of African-American studies at Saint Louis University…