Obama’s Legacy and the Verdict of History

Yesterday’s announcement of a framework for a nuclear deal with Iran is being sold by the administration as a historic foreign-policy triumph for President Obama. Most of his press cheering section seems to agree. The president has told us that he has begun a process that forecloses Iran’s path to a bomb. Just as importantly, he sees it as an achievement which, like his massive federal health-care initiative, will fulfill his boasts about changing the world that were so much a part of his initial campaign for the presidency. Though the Iran framework is filled with so many caveats and loopholes that may allow Iran to easily evade its strictures and will, in any event, grant it impunity to do as it likes in ten or 15 years, this seems a flimsy foundation for a legacy. Yet the president may be right about it being integral to his legacy. The only problem is that what could follow from this turning point may not burnish his reputation as a peacemaker as much as it will solidify his place in history as an appeaser that empowered a violent, hate-driven regime.

  • simus1

    “an appeaser that empowered a violent, hate-driven regime.”

    Emperor Barry was also pretty good when it came to empowering and appeasing other violent, hate driven regimes like iran, not just his own 😉

  • ontario john

    I keep getting this image of Neville Chamberlain waiting a paper and stating, “We have peace in our time”.

  • Blacksmith

    He is already an appeaser, and a pisslamist and pisslamist sympathizer.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama has turned half the planet into a no-go zone.

  • mauser 98

    Barry attacks on all fronts
    illegal immigrant with drug-resistant tuberculosis to be released into general public.

    • simus1

      Illegals with such TB cost about one mil each to cure if they can be persuaded to spend an entire year under treatment which would be rare. Half treated patients let loose are ideal repositories for the growth of even more virulent forms of hard to treat TB.

  • ntt1

    It sounds like the Iran agreement is just as empty and pointless as the climate change deal obumbles struck with China. The thing is ,this is a progressive street theatre production, of course its pointless but it makes for great visuals for the low information voters they appeal to. If it was a parade there would at least be face painting and giant puppets.

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      • ntt1

        fuck off harrriet

  • luna
  • This latest deal will not open Iran to the world. It has given more power to the theocrats who run Iran and Obama knows it. It was no accident that he did not support the student movement in 2009.