Isis ‘tentacles’ spreading in Muslim community, warns Rochdale imam

An imam in Rochdale has warned that the “tentacles of Isis” are spreading far and fast through the Muslim community as it emerged that a local Labour councillor’s son was among nine people from the town arrested on the Turkish-Syrian border.

It is not yet clear why Manchester University politics student Waheed Ahmed, the 21-year-old son of Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed, had travelled to Hatay province in Turkey. He was detained by Turkish authorities on Wednesday as part of a group believed to include his aunt, Zadia Bi, two of her sons, one of the son’s wives and children aged one, three, eight and 11.

  • no4

    ..””Reporters were spat at and had their cameras shoved by some worshippers after Friday prayers at the Neeli mosque in Hare Street, Rochdale, where it is believed Waheed sometimes prayed.

    After prayers, one man told journalists: “People are shamed about what’s happening. Rochdale is brought into the light again for negative reasons. Muslims are being stigmatised.””…

    They just can’t help themselves from feeling victimised, can they?

  • Islam = social pathology.

    More Muslims = more problems.

  • roccolore

    Ah Rochdale, one of the towns involved in the coverup of Muslim rape gangs.

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