40-Days A Slave: The Journey of an American Bubble Headed Idiot

White Girl Hijab Solidarity

Jessey Eagan

The video linked at the bottom is only a little over two and a half minutes out of your life, so it’s not as if I’m asking you to participate in snake handling or some other kind of “interfaith dialog”. Your payoffs will be manifest, but the biggies occur at the 5-second mark (picture of her and her family), and then the slot machine bells and whistles go off to the sound off falling coins at exactly the 1:06 mark when they are interviewing her Muslim “friend” about as to if she would reciprocate.

Oh yeah baby! You will just have to watch.

“Jessey Eagan is a Christian and a mother of two, who works as a children’s director at Imago Dei Church in Peoria, Illinois. This year during Lent, she decided to wear a hijab. She kept a diary of her experience in a blog called #40DaysOfHijab, which is sparkling a debate both in the Christian and Muslim community.

“I wanted to put myself in someone else’s shoes”, says Eagan who hopes her practice of solidarity and empathy with the Muslim community will foster interfaith dialogue.”

Extra linkage in case the embedded video goes all wonky, which it seems to have done immediately.