US: Professor Turns Class on Modern Politics Into Crash Course on Why Conservatives are ‘Racist Bigots’

Outline of the context of TODAY’S National Politics, and “Racism”

Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, is coming under fire over the curriculum of an upper level class called “Politics of the 1960s to Now,” according to Campus Reform.

Chris Hamilton, the professor and a two-time Fulbright Scholar, made a number of claims in the course curriculum. He said that bigotry and racism are part of “ultra right politics”:

“As only one part of the ultra-right goals, these movements seek to weaken or reverse key parts of all Civil Rights Laws, & weaken or even abolish the national government.”

Hamilton wrote that the Republican party, specifically politicians such as Ted Cruz and Ron Paul, aim to abolish the Federal government and establish a new form of the Confederacy…

  • DD_Austin

    “two-time Fulbright Scholar”
    more like
    two-faced outright crawler

    So he panhandled a grant to “study” outside the states
    only academia can write beggary as a plus.
    I got more respect for this guy, than any academic, at least he’s honest.

  • k

    Group dynamics is all this is
    whether it is nurses vs engineers, blonds vs dark haired, jocks vs geeks, Jamaicans vs Trinidadians
    IF you are a smart business person you will not …’bite the hand that feeds you’ = why limit your market by being racist or sexist or anti-Right or Left …?
    I have never met a person who was not racist or who did not have the potential to be racist group
    The Left has to wise up on it’s own racism…
    In the West….. the Left & Right have to reflect honestly on their…
    own ideologies &….
    stop their self-interest &….
    realize that they are both setting up the pins for major racism/fighting between ‘all sorts of groups’ in the near future

    • DD_Austin

      Thanks Professor Hamilton for that abbreviated version of progressive-leftist bullshit 101

  • Are these the same people who have no problem with Obama’s over-riding the Constitution?

  • Alain

    A professor telling porkies? Wow am I ever shocked!