That’s Racist! “The ‘cultural’ problem among Asian Muslim men”

Muslim communities in parts of Britain have a “cultural” problem that has allowed Asian men to view women as commodities to be abused, Sajid Javid, the Culture Secretary, has said.

Mr Javid told The Daily Telegraph that some of the values in certain communities were “totally unacceptable in British society” and must be discussed by the Government.

Mr Javid, the son of a Muslim bus driver, said a “misplaced sense of political correctness” prevented police and social workers from “properly investigating” claims of abuse.

His comments follow inquiries into sexual abuse by Asian men in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford. The scandals saw hundreds of vulnerable young girls fall into the hands of gangs because the authorities failed to protect them, often because police and social workers were fearful of being presented as racist.

  • Alain

    Please spare us the “Asian” crap. It has nothing to do with Asians but everything to do with Muslims/Islam.

    • At least he said Muslims!

      • Alain

        True and I was not clear in the point I was making. My point was that the problem stems from Muslim men whatever their colour or origine. I also do not consider Indians from India Asians, but that is another matter and opinion.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You have no idea how pissed off Britain’s traditional Indian community is over being lumped together with”Asians”. More than one Anglo-Indian community leader has challenged the media to simply say what they mean – and they mean “muslims”.

  • Frances

    Let’s be blunt: Muslim men regard non-Muslim women as sluts and whores; in the interests of ‘multiculturalism’, and because most middle-class Labourites and left-wingers despise the native British working class, these men were allowed (perhaps even encouraged) to prey on young, vulnerable white girls.

    I have said for some time that Labour (and its acolytes) looked on British working-class girls as sluts and slags, unworthy of any help other than in ‘name’. True, many of these girls were troubled and in care, really rough to deal with. But they were abandoned and – when seeking help – were thrown back to the wolves. When parents tried to intervene, it was the parents who were arrested and charged, not the rapists.

    Remember a British book I read, in which one of the characters, a policeman, led an inquiry into a regional force gone rogue; the upshot of the inquiry, although not detailed, was that no one in authority was alowed to retire ‘for medical reasons’. The same standards should be held in all constituencies were abuse was ‘overlooked’, if not somewhat encouraged.

  • tom_billesley

    The “cultural” problem has a name. Islam.