That’s One Hell of a Pizza Those Sodomites Will Be Choking On!

Memories Pizza

To me, this is pretty stunning. As of this writing, almost a half million dollars in $5, $10, and $20 from all over America and parts elsewhere. No money from the Tides Foundation, The Ford Foundation, or even the “evil” Koch Brothers, and certainly no government grants. Nope, this is all from normal people that still know what “normal” means without the aid of a focus group.

Maybe Gay marriage acceptance isn’t as well accepted as the media, Hollywood, Apple, Google, Firefox, and Starbucks want us to think?

Could that be possible?

Of course it is!




They don’t care if you actually support homosexual marriage or not, just as long as they can cow you into nodding your head in agreement out of hopes of escaping the Gay-K-K purge. This is just on the subject of homosexual marriage. Just think what else you are being lied to about.

On that note, the donation Kitty is on the right. This fight is not futile, the fight is not lost, it is very much still on! But it can only continue with your help, so now would be a great time to help! If all you can give is $20 or $30 dollars, that’s OK. More is better, but anything is good. Think about it. You likely have more good times here than you would at a crappy Hollywood movie made by people that hate you and all that you stand for, and do it for a lot less than almost a hundred dollars including the tickets, parking, stale candy, flat root beer, and popcorn that kind of makes you sick if you eat more than a few handfuls. Heck, here we don’t even care if you smoke while you are enjoying the show! Do you want to clean your AR-15 while you visit, that’s OK too. Now try that at your local theatre, and I’ll bet your little trip to the show just got a lot more expensive!

If times are particularly tough for you, and you can’t afford anything at this moment, then please at least use the Amazon click-through that is also on the right. Like Niagara Falls, there is a Canadian side and an American side, so select the one corresponding to where you live.

It really is that simple, everything helps and it is always appreciated by good and decent people fighting the good fight.

That is all.

God bless, and D.B. out!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m in for $30!
    Anyone else?

  • ontario john

    Good news for the province of Ontario this Easter weekend. Forget about the billions in debt the province is in or any other of the multitude of scandals the liberals are currently embroiled in. Exciting news that our parliament spent the day promoting a new private members bill by the NDP that would make it against the law to convert children from homosexuality. Yes the Premier stood up and gave an emotional speech in support of the bill and we can expect its speedy approval.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Fight this.
      Tooth and nail, hammer and tong.
      Express your wrath via the PayPal kitty on the right. 😉

    • Mark van der Wal

      No but it is alright indeed mandatory to enlighten heteosexuals of glorious gays,as an exgay I find it repugnant that I may in the future not be allowed to express my choice to become heterosexual with the grace of Jesus who saved me.Happy Easter

    • DMB

      Kathleen Wynne also made a big deal about the state of Kentucky, Indiana bringing religious freedom laws were business can refuse to cater to gays based on religious reasons even when both private businesses & consumers do have a right to boycott or not serve certain groups of people or individuals. Kathleen Wynne is obsessed with forcing her lifestyle on everyone else.

      • mauser 98

        natch….Wynne/Levin recruitment program

  • Dea

    First off, which is the Amazon click-through on the right?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The top one is for Canadian residents, and the bottom one is for us Americans.
      Scroll down, just under “archives” on the right.

  • mauser 98

    a voice of sanity

    GoFund now over 300$k for pizza restaurant

  • John

    I’m happy at this groundswell of support…and I’m gay. The death threats and bombing threats are to be expected from the Gay Brownshirts

    • DMB

      What really upsets me is the moral hypocrisy from certain groups were they are more upset from christian bakeries, flower shops for not serving gay couples when they have plenty of other options of going elsewhere. Meanwhile ISIS is KILLING gays by pushing them off of buildings and there is total silence from western liberals and many western gays.

      • John

        Those things upset me as well. I loved the sortie made of Dolce and Gabbana ( both gay) against gay marriage and engineered kids and…Elton John. There are many D and Gs in the larger gay world. ISIS OVERALL human rights record is utterly appalling, and the fact Muslims in western countries seem to support them truly frightening.

        I’m overjoyed at the financial support the O’Connors have received.

      • mauser 98

        Rush said yesterday that 80% or more of these social media complaints are from 10 people.
        they have an algorithm that blasts out complaints by the millions

        …numbers are cooked

  • Rama44

    Great news! Now over $500K. I can’t believe this is an episode of ‘normal’ Christian bashing.This has all the earmarks of the “Hands up don’t shoot’ crowd. I’m thinking Occupy. I would be surprised if the actual gay participation was over 25%

  • John

    I’d like to donate, but no links work

  • Waffle

    Like this lady, I remember a time when a pizza was just an effing pizza!

  • People just don’t like bullies.