Snootom by D.W. Walker – Help keep Dag in the Jungles of Peru

Our buddy Dag, currently residing in the jungles of Peru, has a new book out. I enjoy his work, and hope you will as well.

If you’d like to keep Dag in the jungle, buy his book;)

Snootom: Snootom is D.W. Walker’s first book written in the ancient Polish language of Samizdat. As well as being a literary text of great importance, this book is illustrated with Medieval paintings depicting a glorious period in history prior to the invasion of the United States by the forces of evil, a time when the world was filled with happy peasants singing paens of praise to their dear leaders.

If you are imprisoned for thought crimes, this is the one book you will be happy to have as you await your sentencing.

Buy this book! Only 9.99 on Kindle.

PS. Snootom spelled backwards is…