Pagan fire ritual gone wrong killed Kamloops woman, says husband

Kamloops, B.C. woman Heather Arlene Carr, who died after setting a fire in a local park, was participating in a pagan ritual that went wrong, according to her husband.

Carr, 40, got trapped in a rock structure which was on fire in Riverside Park in the early morning hours of March 31.

Initially it was believed Carr had attempted suicide. Coroner Barb McClintock said in a statement that Kamloops firefighters were able to rescue her from the fire alive.

“Preliminary indications are that Ms. Carr had set the blaze and then ended up in it accidentally,” she said.

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    silly pagans… a good Friday indeed

  • ontario john

    In a related story it appears the united church has gone full pagan. On the united church observer website, the monthly opinion writer “Carolyn Pogue” imagines that “Mother Earth” also walked with a cross, shedding tears and blood with Jesus. I didn’t know that Mother Earth went to the Cross as well. I learn something every day.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Is there any way to sue the United Church to prevent them from fobbing themselves off as “Christian”?
      I’d love to see that. I just have no idea how it could be done.
      They remind me of a less virulent version of Scientology.

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    another dumb-ass wins a Darwin award

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    “Grief counsellors were also called in to help the firefighters involved in the rescue.”

    You can call in the “grief counselors”, I’ll call in the “comedians”.