More whining ‘victims’: ‘Russia and China seen as enemies of Arabs’

Not taking a stand against abusive regimes the reason, says professor  Russia and China are accused of being the new enemies of the Arab people.

During the last day of the 20th Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) conference on ‘Middle East: Shifting Roles, Interests and Alliances’, Professor Abdullah Al Shayji, professor at the Department of Political Science at Kuwait University, accused the two Eastern powers of being against Arab people by not taking a stand.

“Russia and China support bloody war criminals like (Bashar) Assad,” Professor Al Shayji told Khaleej Times.

“They used their veto power four times not to condemn abusive regimes and terror groups acting against Arab people, and not condemning a criminal act is at least as worse as condoning it. I will remember the silence of my friends more than the actions of my enemies,” he stressed.

During his presentation, Al Shayji also pointed out that, along with Iran, Russia and China are the only nations opposing the Saudi-led Arab coalition’s action in Yemen…

The English in the first sentence seems rather shaky, but this is from the Khaleej Times, based in Dubai.

The whining comes through loud and clear though.