MEMRI: Board Director Of Hizbullah-Affiliated Daily On Joint Statement By Iran, World Powers: ‘The West Has Capitulated!’

Winners and losers, that has been the essence of conflicts in the world since time immemorial. Only those who go through life with their eyes shut say that conflicts are resolved through [diplomatic] settlements. What happened yesterday in Lausanne was the outcome of an intense conflict that has been ongoing since the Soviet Union collapsed and the West, led by the United States, took over the management of the world since there was nobody to oppose or deter it. The outcome of this conflict is simple: the West has capitulated!

Many in the world and in the region will look for ways to say that Iran was the loser, but, setting aside the resentment felt by the losers, we hear only the excuses that were voiced by U.S. President Barack Obama in explaining the agreement with Iran. He said clearly and succinctly: after trying everything with Iran, we were left with [only] two options – either war or an agreement – so we opted for an agreement. Obama did not say that war was an unrealistic option, but that is the truth. The most important fact is that, yesterday, the West did not [just] acknowledge Iran’s right to attain nuclear energy. It acknowledged that any people that has a clever and capable leadership, and has unity and determination, is entitled to receive all its rights. [Therefore,] in the coming years we shall witness a growing rebellion against the hegemony of America and the West…