Lethal anti-Semitism originated on the Left

Is the western Left’s opposition to Israel anti-Semitism? That’s a question that many on the Left feel they should not even have to answer.

With all the moral high ground they can occupy, the Left vehemently deny anti-Semitism and point to their historical opposition to German fascism. Those on the left say that they, just like the Jews, were specifically targeted by Hitler and the Nazis; indeed many on the left were Jews, so why should the Left be accused of hatred of Jews and Israel?

It’s a poor defence. Having a common enemy in Hitler unites everyone who is not morally dysfunctional. Looked at historically, the fact is that a particularly lethal form of anti-Semitism did originate on the Left, in fact on the Jewish left with the father of so called “scientific” communism Karl Marx the main instigator.

Even before Marx, however, there had been in socialist thinking a powerful strain of anti-Semitism.