Justin Trudeau panders to Catholic voters …

Brian Lilley reports for TheRebel.media:

Justin Trudeau is pandering to Catholics by sending out a message for “Pope John Paul II Day.” While it isn’t widely celebrated, April 2 was set aside by the House of Commons years ago to honour the late pontiff (who is now a saint.)

Trudeau’s statement is laughable. Given the Pope’s beliefs, he wouldn’t be allowed in the Liberal Party caucus. For one thing, John Paul II was pro-life.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    JP II a SAINT!?
    As Popes go, maybe he was better than most, but a saint?

  • ontario john

    Trudeau would attend a meeting of the taliban if he thought it would get him some votes.

    • marty_p

      What’s next a picture of Turdeau at a Passover Seder?

      • Surele Surele

        you betcha. but on the other hand, it could offend his Muslim followers.

    • Bingo.

  • DMB

    As much as I admired and like what Pope John Paul II there is one mistake that he made that I have a problem with and that is when he kissed the Quran. Both John Paul II and Justin Trudeau have one thing in common and that is they both pandered to Islam and maybe that is what Trudeau had in mind when referring to the pope. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/LeCYetHqudk/hqdefault.jpg

    • DVult

      That made me want to barf. What was he thinking?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        He wasn’t.

        • DVult

          I also wasn’t a big fan of his apologizing all the time, apparent inaction on pedophile priests, progressive bs, the new rosary(!!), continued suppression of the tridentine mass, the whole rock star pope crap and not standing up to the defamation of Pius XXII.

          • Child abuse was condemned.

            If he did what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did (removing the creeps from the seminaries), the gay wedding cake crowd would have lynched him. There is no winning with that crowd.

          • DVult

            The Church is not supposed to try to be popular but to do the right thing. Lynching or crucifixion, nothing is to prevent that. Concerning the whole child abuse business, I don’t understand it all. If someone came into the church and saw the priest with several bags of money freshly stolen from the First National Bank wouldn’t they think it their duty to call the cops or would they cover it up? Why cover up child abuse then?

          • There is no excuse for this criminal matter (as it should have been treated at the time). However, the last pope acted and still no one was happy with it. My point is not that something should never have been done but regardless it will not make certain parties happy. The issue for them isn’t abuse but that the Church even exists.

          • DVult

            I liked Benedict quite a bit. You are right in that some people just hate the Church so will criticize it no matter what.

          • I wonder what Pope Benedict is doing now.

          • DVult

            Maybe writing a book. I like his books. They are very exhaustive in that they discuss the topics at hand very thoroughly from all angles. Sometimes I start to wish he would just get to the point however and stop pontificating.

          • Papal reads are dry ones but worth the effort.

          • DVult

            I thought you might appreciate the reference to pontificating. If a pope can’t pontificate then who can? It is an interesting way to approach things though – consider all the possibilities and examine each thoroughly even those we are likely to reject. The more we are aware of the devil’s schemes the easier it is for us to reject them. The better we understand the good, the more likely we are to accept it. It is more difficult then just skipping to the bottom line but potentially a far surer path..

          • It is his job, after all.

            Despite the evil all around, people refuse to believe it is real.

            We’re in trouble.

      • I think he was being polite.

        He faced down communists.

        A Muslim tried to kill him.

        • DVult

          Yes you are probably right and I understand that humility is not weakness but just the same …

  • This lying of crap and his father do not represent Catholicism or even nominal Catholics. He can mention Saint John Paul II until he is blue in the face. This pro-abortion, anti-God Chinese-communist sympathiser can suck it if he wants the larger Catholic vote.