‘Is it militant atheists who define the new Canada?’

What does it say to persecuted Christians who’ve fled to Canada, to see their beliefs being trashed by militant atheists after they get here?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When I say atheists are creepy and weird, I mean it.
    Let’s start calling them what they are: “anti-Christians”; because they are not “apathetic about theism”, they are anti-theist, but only express their anti-theism against Christians.

    • That is certainly my experience with the majority of them. They are cowards when it comes to Islam.

      • Wally Keeler

        I am an anti-theist. My creative work has trashed (I slam a phobia) Islam, and done so in the public domain, and documented my actions. I am an exception to your rule. I am exceptional.

        • Justin St.Denis

          But what’s your point?

          • Wally Keeler

            The point is that the assertion that all anti-theists are cowards concerning islam is not accurate. Get the point now?

          • Justin St.Denis

            Thank you, yes I do now that you explained yourself clearly. It was you’re crowing about being “exceptional” that threw me off the scent. Narcissistic pronouncements have that effect on me.

            Poets I have known in my life have always been capable of clear prose writing. I hope you understand my confusion now.

        • DD_Austin

          Nope your typical, the “atheists” being railed against are
          in fact socialists, just as the “environmentals” are socialists,
          they both fly false flags.

          Some Christains fall for the socialist bait, beliveing that
          these “groups” are what they call themselves

          Divide et impera

          All religions invite critaism, christains hate athesits because of that, as well as their preists tell them to hate them.

          There is nothing wrong with Christs teachings, there is something very wrong with Christs followers when they hide
          and abet pedophiles, money launders and rapists.

          The problem is Christ’s followers don’t follow Christ’s
          teachings, not when money or power are involved.

          I wear a cross on my shirt. I invite the “Christians” to
          do the same.

        • El Martyachi


    • Justin St.Denis

      You are nailing it again, What are you drinking today? 😉

  • Creationism does not define Christianity. Even if most Christians believed in it, so what? Yes, Creationism is erroneous as a science just like the theory of global warming is faulty. Does militant atheism promise to be honest about who started the science versus religion debate? Did anyone ask them to speak up for minority adults regarding Christmas, prayer or Sunday shopping? Will militant atheists stand up against Islamism?

    If militant atheists define Canada (and I don’t think they will), they will be swallowed up by their own nothingness and anger before Islamism will. They don’t disbelieve in God; they hate Him and his believers. Their aims reflect that. If they truly did not believe in any higher being, that would be it. That’s not it, however.

    • Wally Keeler

      “they will be swallowed up by their own nothingness and anger before Islamism will.” What a crock! The anger seems to emanate from your mouth Osumashi Kinyobe.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Get a grip on ENGLISH, Wally.

        • Wally Keeler

          Thanks for your needless and inaccurate advice.

      • G

        It’s unfortunate that Osumashi’s comment upsets you but he’s pretty accurate.
        As soon as one reads the work of well known militant athiests or tries to debate their admirers you get hit in the face with this heat wave of overwhelming hate.
        There’s none of this “Oh well, I don’t believe in God but you do so you mind your business and I’ll mind mine.”
        They HATE Christians – period.

        • Wally Keeler

          Osumashi’s comment does not upset me as you presumptuously assert, big G. What does that “G” stand for? Gutless?

          • G

            Wow are you ever touchy. The slightest little thing sets you of huh? People are allowed to disagree with you just because YOU state something doesn’t make it an unassailable nugget of wisdom.

            Your behavior further solidifies my previously stated low opinion of atheists.

          • Wally Keeler

            Just because I reply to stupid remarks does mean I am touchy. ISIS sets me off, not your petty remarks. But then again jihadis also have a low opinion of atheists. You are in good company “G”utless. I say that because I post my name fully, whereas cowards hide behind pseudonyms with their pseudo opinions.

          • G

            Nope, “touchy” pretty much covers it.

          • G

            And…umm… Wally?… Of course no one on the internet EVER uses a false name. Nope not ever. Yeah, you’re the hero…”Wally”.

            Tell you what….”Wally”. I’ll even let you have the last word on this one. since I know it’s important to touchy guys like you. Since you’re so insecure that you can’t handle people disagreeing with your opinions you need the last word to make you fee like you’ve won.

          • Wally Keeler

            How silly! Of course I can handle people who disagree with my opinions. All I do is reply to them with a counter-argument and the issue at hand, whereas you delve into the ad hominem.

            Of course I NEVER made any assertion that “no on the internet EVER uses a false name.” However I DO use my real name because I have the courage to stand up to “G”utless individuals like you.

          • Calm down or you’ll have a stroke.

          • Wally Keeler

            I don’t understand why you presume that I am in hysterics. All I do is reply to your comments. Do you honestly think that a individual that argues your points is hysterical to the point of getting a stroke? Or this just rhetorical rubbish on your part?

          • Wally, you are being kind of rude.

          • You’re the one flipping out at everyone.

            That’s no presumption.

      • My mouth in particular?

        I’ve made a distinction between militant atheism and regular (if you will) atheism. I’ve also addressed the Creationism boogey-man. I’d like someone to explain the manufactured conflict between science and religion and the war on Christmas.

        Do Islamism and militant atheism share the same goal, that being the elimination of Christianity? They do. What will militant atheists replace with Christian values and ultimately Western values will be nothing. You can’t build a society on that.

        • DD_Austin

          Actually you havn’t may any distinction

          in fact the term “militant atheism” is asinine, atheism has never
          been the cause of blood baths, religion, politics and territory

          are the usual excuses, but the truth it all comes down to

          power over people. Arguing is only militant to the person
          whose losing their free lunch.

          Even Stalin didn’t kill for Atheism, or Communism, he killed
          for domination, he killed to terrorize into obedience.

          He killed to be the Czar.

          • Let us speak in terms of individuals. If a person does not believe in God but lives and lets live, there is no civil harm. If he is a jack wagon who gets his jollies banning Christmas pageants, then something has to be done. That person is a militant atheist, and yes- it has been the cause of great bloodshed.

            Stalin was an atheist who hate God but realised the value of belief during the War. Do read “The Big Black Book of Communism”. He certainly didn’t call himself a tsar.

        • Wally Keeler

          Islamism wants to eliminate Christianity by violence.
          Atheism wants to eliminate Christianity by suasion.
          I live my life according to what is good and beneficial for myself and others. I do not live my life according to the policies set down by assorted interpreters of so-called divine scripture.

          • That’s nice.

            Do you want a sticker?

            How am I persuaded to adopt atheism when its adherents call God various names but refuse to take on Islamism?

            How many good works have religions performed since their foundings?

          • DD_Austin

            It’s isn’t atheists giving “sanctuary” in churchs to illegal immigrants and muslims, in fact it’s churchs that have been
            hand in hand with the socialists importing all these foreigners.


            Good works, zero

          • It also wasn’t atheists who founded Western civilisation.

            There, there.

          • Wally Keeler

            I am anti-theist AND I have taken on the islamism. That sorta trashes your theory. Matter of fact, I focus almost all my attention trashing islam. What have you done to trash islam?

          • Are you having a stroke?

          • Wally Keeler

            Nope. I had a stroke 12 years ago. I take Aggrenox to keep me good. I know what a stroke is by experience. Obviously you don’t know anything about the subject. And you are too stupid to be able to make a cogent argument other than personal insult. Go pray for more intelligence for yourself.

          • Are you sure no one is slipping you more of this drug?

            It’s just that you take things so personally and you’ve flipped out all over this thread.

          • Wally Keeler

            YOU have made no argument about the issue. YOu make only personal and derogatory remarks. I reply in kind..

          • Oh, do shut up.

          • Wally Keeler

            Oh gee, now you’re getting bossy.

    • Mickey Oberman

      “They don’t disbelieve in God; they hate Him and his believers.”

      I will be militant if I must but I don’t hate him/her/it.
      I just ignore what, in my mind, never was, is not and will not be.

      Cheer up Osumashi. I respect your sincerity in your beliefs and I expect you will extend the same courtesy in my disbeliefs.
      There is room for both of us on this gory planet.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Just the whole premise for the conversation is laughable. So that means when someone doesn’t know the answer to something that God has to be injected into it. Does this mean that if the right wing Conservative MPs are on their way out will they start becoming independents to show their true colours? This does speak to the heart of the Conservative party and the MPs that were within it and then they become even more radical when they leave the party. I am by no means an NDPer or a Liberal. I don’t even like mainstream politics, but the media does not give enough of a voice to nationalists or people on the fringes. I would like to see more parties in the fringes be talked about and democracy to be extended. For democracy to work, we need alternatives and to be more open and give new points of view. Of course, Rebel does play these culture war games and quite frankly I cannot see one victory for social conservatism unless you include the law and order stuff which seems supportable and defending Canada. Other than that, the religious right/social conservatives have no real victories to speak of. I think there is more to life than having the usual left/right which I feel most Canadians don’t care about. What has to occur to get meaningful change and our debts dropping is to discuss the COMERs issue which no media outlet is even bringing up.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I see the usual conversations from interventionists and linking atheism to the problems of the West. Atheists are not the problems but people have to ask themselves why people de-link from systems when they fail and why people leave the mainstream as I have. It is because of the same lies and the same nonsense over and over again. One such lie is that the wars for the last 14 years have benefited no one other than the arms dealers, and the same rhetoric has repeated itself. Look at it this way. If you had gone back to 2001 and saw the conversations from people back then and returned now you’d think that these politicians don’t hear themselves speak. Getting back to the very way that religious people act who are interventionist they seem to possess a kind of rage and anger and are easily manipulated into hatred and wanting war. These people would be defined as rapturists since they don’t care if a great war occurs. I find it fascinating that these same people also want more wars and claim to be moral. There is nothing moral about hatred, divisions, rage and scapegoating. Those are anti-religious qualities. The more important issue to bring up is why across the West are so many people leaving the faith? Also, why is Atheism rising so rapidly? These are questions that must be asked because the policies of the mainstream I feel are to blame. Remember that we don’t have to buy the are you with us or against nonsense when that same rhetoric has gone on for 14+ years. That is the simple fact. These politicians use crises to benefit themselves. They are in the politics business and are failures. The best thing to do is I feel to support nationalism, protectionism and non-interventionism. That also does include defending the nation.

    • El Martyachi
    • Justin St.Denis

      I hope you’re real good with elastic bands. I hear they can really pinch. When the wolf is at the door, you’re going to have to DO something, not pontificate.

      BTW, pontification is better accomplished by those capable of eloquence. That would not seem to include you. Give everybody a break and stop it. You make little to no sense.

    • You already have a secular government and culture. I can get a secular government. A secular culture that holds all cultures as having equal value but then again one in particular does not work.

      I would not worry about the possibility of roving bands of angry Christians. Worry more about a culture that sees no value in its beginnings and will not defend itself against the rising tide of an obvious danger. Would Islamism have gained such a foothold if Westerners defended their cultural lynchpins?

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        But there is a difference you are completely focused on a clash of civilizations when 14+ years of it has resulted in no foothold while I realize it is nothing but a benefit to the arms dealers. That is where I stand and the media and mainstream politicians enjoy these debates because they have a set of people that follow them. Of course close to 40% of Canadians refuse to play the mainstream games. If someone were to galvanize that group then politics would change. I think that the biggest danger to humanity is nuclear war.

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          When I mean I want people free from religion that means I want no ounce of so-called morality to be used by the social conservatives. I want policies based on evidence, building good societies and no short term goals. That is not progressive or conservative but understanding how a good society is built. Religion can be practiced in a place of worship or in the home not in parliaments, legislatures or any other seat of government. The real question is what type of foreign policy should a nation have which can build a peaceful world. We have tried my way or the highway for 14+ years. I think it is time for a new direction. The countless wars are proof of that. Along with the trillions spent.

          • I’m afraid that won’t work. Wanting human trafficking banned- for example- for religious reasons or practical reasons still amounts to a moral good.

            It’s one thing if a politician uses his office to prosetylise. It’s another when he has no lens with which to see the world. A guy who is personally against abortion but won’t prosecute the likes of Gosnell is no leader of men.

        • Au contraire. Mark Steyn once juxtaposed a Pakistani in the 1940’s with a Pakistani living in Britain today. The former saw himself as a part of Britain and acted accordingly. The latter sees himself as Pakistani Muslim squatting in Britain. People see themselves not as citizens of X state but as citizens of their former homelands. How can you have national unity with that? And who puts the impetus on immigrants to acclimatise? Who holds Western culture dear?

          Politicians play angles. That’s what they do. Every so often, they are spot on.

          As for dividing and conquering- it’s an old tactic that still works. It’s not going away any time soon.

  • Justin St.Denis

    What an impressive spokesman for social conservatives. I would love to see this man debate, say, ShinyPonyTrudeau. That would be majorly funny shit!

    • DD_Austin

      Amazing that he’s been in for 15 years, and just cut and run now.
      Perhaps it took him 15 years of immigration, corruption, backstabbing
      and lying to finally break down and quit due to Darwin.

      The theory of Evolution is a theory, it has been and is a good guide
      Newtons laws are now proven incorrect, they too have been and
      still are a good guide for hundreds of years.

      This guy is just another slimey politican, and this is just a political move
      to keep his riding

      • Mickey Oberman

        Are you telling me that the apple did not hit Newton’s head?

        • DD_Austin

          Never happened

          Some of Einstein’s stuff shows Newton wrong, and has been
          proven by observing the orbit of Mercury.

          • Mickey Oberman

            So who got that famous bump on the head?
            And what has mercury to do with apples?

  • jayme

    Atheists say or claim there is no god ok fine but at the same time they seem to support muslims how can that be.

    • DD_Austin

      If they’re socialists it can be quite easily

      • Justin St.Denis

        And usually is…

    • Wally Keeler

      “they seem to support” means you haven’t a single fact to hang your contention on.

  • Microaggressive

    Atheists (really anti-Theist by their declarations) hate Christianity because it is founded by the most sound moral philosopher regardless of God’s existence.

    • G

      Thank You microaggressive! Your short statement NAILS it more completely than any long winded rant.

      Atheists are pissed that anyone might think that THEY are not the most important people in the world.

      • Mickey Oberman

        Thus speaketh G–.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Is it possible that Christians are hated because they failed to follow the teachings of their “saviour” and instead embarked on 2 millennia of horror and murder and genocide and every crime known to man, thus setting an example for their Muslim successors?

      I do not hate Christians. However, it is a shame that so very many of them did not learn the lessons of their great teacher.

      • Microaggressive

        So, you are saying that Christians had 2000 years of history of Muslims to emulate. Moron

        It is possible to say that the first 6 centuries of Christianity were divided between growth and consolidation. Then Islam happened. Then Muslims behaved like demon spawn on earth to this day.

        Those who have had the displeasure of dealing with muslims have always come out of that contact with darken spirits.

        • Mickey Oberman

          I did not say thet, fool.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Two millennia of horror? I suggest you update your knowledge of history. You DO realize that the bulk of that famous tome The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire has been largely challenged and debunked. Ditto the “popular” history regarding the Crusades.

        I’ve a friend who is an anthropologist. At the age of 65, after his retirement, he returned to university and re-earned his PhD because, in his own words, “…most of what I learned in university has been superseded by new information supported by scientific breakthroughs/evidence etc. There are tools available to anthropologists today that were pipe dreams in my time at university! I want to be completely up-to-date on everything in my discipline.” It took his four years.

  • Wally Keeler

    “What does it say to persecuted Christians who’ve fled to Canada, to see their beliefs being trashed by militant atheists after they get here?”

    It says that Canada is a free speech country, that a Canadian citizen can criticize, mock, and attempt to diminish the beliefs of others without state sanction. And what is the difference between an atheist and a militant atheist? And how many “militant atheists” are there in Canada that they should be a concern to anyone, let alone to the special interest group known as “persecuted Christians” from abroad.

    Al Shabab is KILLING Christians. Go fight the murders, not a small pack of so-called “militant atheists.” Sheeesh. Get some perspective.

    • It’s clear you have not paid attention to what is going on in the world.

      No one can help that but you.

      If militant atheists see more problems in Christmas pageants than in imams declaring that gays should be killed, tell me then I have nothing to worry about.

      • Wally Keeler

        “Al Shabab is KILLING Christians. Go fight the murders, not a small pack of so-called “militant atheists.” Sheeesh. Get some perspective.”

        • You’re the one who doesn’t have perspective.

          • Wally Keeler

            Really!? Christmas pageants are a problem? I am indifferent to the issue. When Cobourg Council enters, everyone stands, then recite the Lord’s Prayer. I sit quietly at that point. I guess that would be regarded as militant on my part. I don’t oppose town council for doing it, but I won’t oppose those “militant” atheists that want it stopped thereby threatening the very foundations of our life, you know, those militants armed to the helmet with knives, guns, bombs, etc.

          • What’s the matter, Wally?

            Do you need someone to talk to?

          • Wally Keeler

            obviously you also

          • You’re in a bad mood.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Maybe ragging? Or possibly challenged in some way. Hard to tell.

          • Super-sensitive.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I hope they are. I hate taking on the unarmed when I am weaponized to the teeth. It would be so UNFAIR.

          • Wally Keeler

            Oh posh. Why wait until they are armed. Be pre-emptive. Cleanse the world of those militant christmas pageant bashers. Everything is fair when you are victorious.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Militant atheists are trying to KILL Judeo-Christian culture which took millennia to develop/evolve.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Militant atheists are undermining the cultural fabric and foundations of our society. I think they are a greater threat to us than Islamists in the ME, quite frankly.

  • moraywatson

    I don’t believe in God. But I can understand why others do.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    There should also be such thing as freedom from religion and that is something the new position in the federal government did not want to allow because it does not fit with their ideology. What should happen is it should be easier to challenge mainstream convention which has turned into cult-like behavior as well. We need people like Ralph Nader, Jesse Ventura, Michael Rivero and Alex Jones in Canada because our politics is simply a mirror-image of US style politics. As I keep saying, we are always a few years behind the US on foreign policy, social policy and economic policy.

    A little national independence would go a long way.

    • Clink9

      I think you think, you really are Billy Bob Thornton.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I just think the name sounds funny.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Matches your hilariously ignorant and limited perspectives.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Surely you jest.
      Take a good look at today’s bumbling, mumbling, stumbling, fumbling Obama USA.

    • Justin St.Denis

      As long as your “freedom from religion” does not include a life free of the presence of others around you who feel differently and embrace faith. Unfortunately, most “freedom from religion” folks refuse to acknowledge the genocide inherent in their perspective.

      You are maybe anti-theist, but your Religion is FASCISM.

  • Mickey Oberman

    What are militant atheists? Against whom are they militating?
    I am an atheist. I do not hate anyone unless they hate me or all atheists.
    I am, by birth, also a Jew. I do not hate anyone unless they hate me or my people.
    When I do hate it is with an unsurpassed venom but I do not wish to harm or kill those I hate.
    Unless they wish to harm or kill me or my kind.
    I am not a militant but I will do whatever is necessary to protect me or my kind.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You make little to no sense if you re-read what you wrote. See a therapist.