‘Conspiracy of silence’ about Christianity in Britain boosting Jihadis – Archbishop

Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

A “misplaced sensitivity” towards atheists and followers of other religions has led to a “conspiracy” of silence by politicians of all parties about the Christian roots of British society, the Archbishop of York has claimed.

Dr John Sentamu suggested that the abandonment of strong moral principles, rooted in the Bible, in favour of “vague” notions about values was partly responsible for the radicalisation of Muslim youths who were being “seduced” by the lure of extremism.

He said a youthful “yearning for something more idealistic” was being exploited by groups like the so-called Islamic State (IS), also known as Isil and Isil, who offered a “false utopia” and even the prospect of death.

But government programmes intended to prevent radicalisation are, he said, doomed to fail if they did not offer young people something “worthwhile and exciting” to live for.

His remarks came in a strongly worded Easter message, penned for the Yorkshire Post, hitting out at consumerism and the vagueness of politicians.

It comes just days after David Cameron was criticised by figures on both left and right over an Easter message which made no reference to Jesus and suggested the teachings of Christianity could be summed up as “all about change, responsibility, and doing the right thing”.

Dr Sentamu said: “Young people know in their bones that there must be something better, something more worthwhile than the self-centredness which is attracted by the promise of endless pleasure but which somehow never seems to deliver.

“It can’t be right for consumerism (which we used to call greed) to measure the worth of human beings by what they own, what they eat and how up to date with fashion they are.

“You only need to consider this for 30 seconds to realise that the whole package is actually subhuman.

“We are made for that greater reality.

“The yearning for something more idealistic can be misdirected. See how some teenagers have been seduced by the promise of the false utopia of IS or even martyrdom to that cause”…

  • ontario john

    Just got back from my church and Good Friday services. Nice to know that there are still some churches where the pastor calls islam a satanic death cult during his sermon.

  • ntt1

    He is absolutely right. The decline in all Western churches with the possible exception of the evangelical faiths is the gradual removal of absolutes and moral leadership in favour of an ad hoc communal type hive mentality .
    In its blind grasping at straws in attempting to remain relevant, the Church is doubling down on that which has destroyed them , radical progressivism has infested and destroyed most seminaries and theological colleges just as it has destroyed liberal arts faculties at most universities. attending any synod convention nowadays is to be totally disheartened by the monolithic progressivism of the newly ordained.

  • Jason

    Perhaps we live in a meaningless, clockwork universe designed by no one, and our lives are therefore (objectively) meaningless. Or perhaps not: this can be debated. But true or not, and unlike all other animals, we still seem to *need* to believe that our lives matter. And secularism just doesn’t satisfy this need.
    They’re going to have to come up with something better if they hope to replace Judaism and Christianity as the foundations of society (and, no, islam doesn’t count as “better” in any sense of the word).

  • winniec

    A truly prophetic statement.

  • Hktony

    People join IS because they are muslims. Stop with excuses about this or that.they because they love islam not because Christianity , govt doesn’t speak out, consumerism , or white people’s fault. The fault is islam and muslims.
    If you remove islam the problem goes away . How difficult is it for people to get it. Consumerism, and all other bullshit social Marxist crap even if it is TRUE hasn’t got Hindus, buddhists, Sikhs killing people.
    I mean read the title , Christianity boosting jihad. What utter f ing shit!
    We got to stop with the guilt shit. Islam is the only reason for jihad. No more islam no more jihad. Deport their sorry arses every one of them. Sick of stupid white people’s fault arguments .