The Cyber Attack on Frontpage

You may have noticed that our site is still under cyber-attack from computers based in Iran and Iraq causing delays in loading

It’s no accident that cyber attackers from Iran and Iraq would be involved. We are one of the few online news services that has torn the cover off of Iran’s hypocrisy and dishonesty in its nuclear dealings with the U.S. — and its underhanded actions on behalf of its client Shi’ite regime in Baghdad…

The attack on Frontpage began on the morning of March 24 at approximately 6:35AM. It consisted of several computers/servers pinging our website with so many requests that our system was overloaded and the site shut down. At this stage, the problem has been fixed, but we are migrating the site to a new server and this process will cause some delays in accessing the site. When the process is complete (within 24-48 hours) the delay issues should be resolved…

I find I cannot link from the iPad. The five-second delay seems to throw Safari into confusion. But sadly I am all too familiar with such attacks. Fingers crossed that they’re over for us and soon to be over for Front Page too.

  • DD_Austin

    Which begs the question

    Why is the rest of the world physically linked to Iran and Iraq via fibre optic ?
    and even if we desire that they get our news there is no reason why we should
    allow their bullshit to run free on our data infer structure. There are’nt that many

    BTW It’s isn’t a technology problem, it’s a stupid greed problem, The same
    problem that allowed cell phone towers to continue operating even after they
    were being used to ignite roadside bombs.

    We’re going to lose to the barbarians* , not by cowardice but by greed and

    * muslims, hip hop blacks, hip hop latinos, and rich privileged white morons

    • Frau Katze

      No idea. But it seems bad now.

  • Justin St.Denis

    No problem accessing FRONTPAGE from my iPad. Check your settings maybe…