Steinitz: Parameters of Iranian nuclear agreement ‘detached from reality’

US Secretary of State John Kerry looks at the view of Lake Geneva from his hotel room as the Iran nuclear talks continue, in Lausanne, Switzerland. April 1, 2015. Source. Laurent Gillieron/EPA

The smiles that accompanied the announcement Thursday of parameters for an Iranian nuclear agreement in Lausanne between the world powers and Iran are detached from reality, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz said in Jerusalem’s initial reaction to the developments.

The reality, Steinitz said, is that Iran refused to make any concession on the nuclear issue and continues to threaten Israel and all other countries in the Middle East.

Even before the press conference in Lausanne where the announcement was made, the Prime Minister’s Office posted the following message on twitter: “Any deal must significantly roll back Iran’s nuclear capabilities and stop its terrorism and aggression.”

The tweet was posted above a map with arrows leading from Tehran to Yemen, Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq under the headline, “Iran’s aggression during the nuclear negotiations”…

  • ontario john

    Good present for Christians this Easter weekend from imam Obama. He surrenders to islamic iran.

  • Millie_Woods

    Actually it’s not detached from reality.

    The ‘reality’ is that Americans voted for a man they didn’t know and through contempt for America, it’s laws and constitution he is leading the country away from its freedom-loving, Christian roots toward a more islamo-centric future. And nobody in the U.S. government with either a (D) or (R) after their name has the guts to challenge him on it. Pitiful really and quite painful to watch.

    • Frau Katze

      It’s dreadful.