Maiwand Yar, left, and Ferid Ahmed Imam, right - muslim terrorists

Project Darken?

That’s racist!

  • eMan14

    Definition of darken…
    make or become gloomy, angry, or unhappy. Sounds appropriate to me.

  • bob e

    remember the book .. ‘black like me’ ? a civil rights classic
    from the 60’s .. this can be updated to ‘BLM with a flesh
    eatin’ disease’ .. or ‘BLM with a bone in me nose’ .. or
    ‘BLM , sharing dead, rancid meat with me jihadi bride’ .. or,
    see where i’m goin’ with this ..??

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I find it odd that “black like me” was written by a white man in black face. I have heard this book was almost entirely made-up, but never gave anything to it, but now I suspect that it was.
      Yeah, he like totally “passes”.