Nuttall case: Defence highlights rambling, nonsensical world of accused terrorist

I cannot find anything on Stars of David on Canadian $5 bills, but there are plenty about American currency.

From seeing the Star of David on the Canadian $5 bill to believing there were nuclear missiles at Nanoose Bay, accused terrorist John Nuttall lived in a unique world.

In B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday, more examples of his odd mental processes were evident in surveillance recordings capturing him dictating his will while nodding off and spouting nonsense about world politics.

At one point, Nuttall explained how an obstreperous, shoeless drunk Somali dressed as a pirate was really a messenger from Allah.

“For me it’s too late, but for you the time is now,” the man told Nuttall, who interpreted it as a sign to embrace jihad…

…Although he was raised a Christian and became a Satanist for awhile, since embracing Islam Nuttall seems to have entered a world of Koranic literalism, peopled by angels and jinn.