Nigel Farage says he would rather every person in Britain was poorer if it cut immigration

Nigel Farage would prefer that Britons were poorer if it means cutting immigration to the UK.

The Ukip leader said he would reject the chance to make everyone ‘slightly better off’ as a price worth paying for stopping the population reaching 75million.

Mr Farage also repeated his claim that children do not play in the streets any more because of high levels of immigration, including in towns like Peterborough and Boston.

Ukip’s immigration policy has been subject to confusion in recent days over whether or not the party wants to set a target or cap on net migration…

  • Dana Garcia

    Every British person would be better off culturally to end immigration, period.

    Increasing the GDP while lowering the average income is not a great deal either. Only the wealthy elites benefit from it.

  • Surele Surele

    That would be a win, win, win situation.

  • J. C.

    A few extra quid is meaningless if you can’t be free in your own country…