Are you Christian or Muslim? – Muslims singling out Christians for murder in Kenya university attack, 15 dead, hostages

NB: The official death toll is being called suspect by numerous sources, like Westgate the government is being tight lipped to the point of censorship. There are at least 9-10 bodies in the picture above. While two Muslim terrorists are said to have been killed others are holding hostages. Many, possibly hundreds, of students remain unaccounted for.

This source seems “Official” – 70 Dead

Update: There are reports of beheadings.

Are you Christian or Muslim? What Al-Shabaab gunmen asked Kenyan students as they went door to door during university massacre killing at least 15 and injuring 60

NAIROBI, Kenya — Gunmen attacked a university in eastern Kenya early Thursday and killed at least 14 people, according to news media reports, as they fought with armed officers and forced their way into student dormitories, the police said.

The National Disaster Operation Center of Kenya said 65 people had been admitted to a hospital as a result of the attack at Garissa University College, most with gunshot wounds. Four critically wounded people were airlifted to Nairobi, the capital, for treatment, the center said on Twitter.

A statement by the United States Embassy in Nairobi said that “according to the reports, there have been explosions and heavy gunfire at the school; hostages have been taken and Al Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack.”

More at the Telegraph

Twitter – #garissaattack

BBC has ongoing reports here.

  • tom_billesley

    Letting the muslim students go free is a sure sign that it’s NTDWI.

  • Typical Islamic terror attack. Separate the Muslims and kill the rest.

    How many times does this need to happen before the liberals will admit Islam is a pathology?

    Where is Obama on this?

    • Obama is rooting for Al Shabaab.

      • Minicapt

        In the Australian sense …


  • Frances

    It’s Holy Week – so Islam decides to create more Christian martyrs.

  • k1962

    Disgusting. Everything to do with Islam and nothing to do with Israel!! But the stupid that is the left cannot seem to understand that.

    • tom_billesley

      Some ‘tards claim that IS is an Israeli creation. I guess they’ll be saying it about Al-Shabaab too.

  • I think Karen Armstrong should go explain to them how they’re misunderstanding their vibrant, peaceful religion.